Why Do Street Tacos Have 2 Tortillas?


The answer is simple: to keep all of the delicious fillings inside. No one likes a taco that falls apart, after all. But street tacos are especially tricky, because they’re often packed with even more ingredients than your average taco. That’s why two tortillas are key – they help ensure that everything stays in its rightful place.

So next time you’re enjoying a street taco, take a moment to appreciate the engineering that went into its construction. And maybe give thanks for the double layer of protection against spillage. Deliciousness deserves nothing less.

The Physics of a Tortilla


A taco is only as good as its tortilla. But what makes a great tortilla? It turns out, it’s all about the physics. The perfect tortilla should be soft and pliable, but not so thin that it tears easily. It should be strong enough to hold all of the taco’s fillings, but not so thick that it overpowers them. In other words, it’s a delicate balance.

The perfect taco tortilla is the result of careful cooking and an understanding of the physics involved.  And that’s something we can all taco-bout.

Where Did the Double Tortilla Trend Start?

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Some say the double tortilla trend started in Mexico City, while others claim it originated in the northern part of the country. No one can say for sure, but what we do know is that street tacos are a staple of Mexican cuisine. And as anyone who’s ever had one knows, they’re pretty darn delicious.

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