4 Reasons Why Tacos are the Best Wedding Option

Do you love tacos? Of course, you do! Do you know who else loves tacos? Everyone who is going to be a guest at your wedding! You may not have considered it yet, but California taco catering is actually a fantastic wedding idea. 

Planning a wedding should be fun, but it ends up being pretty stressful at the same time. There is so much to be decided. Your to-do list seems endless! From organizing the bridal party to putting a deposit down at the venue, to sending invitations, to planning the wedding ceremony itself, to booking the florist, to finding the perfect wedding dress- the list is endless. If you’re wondering what food to serve at your wedding, this one is easy. Choose tacos! Here are just a few of the reasons why:

#1. Tacos can be prepared for any dietary restrictions 

You won’t need to worry about ordering special meals for anyone. Food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions are no problem when tacos are served. They can be prepared to suit anyone and everyone. They can be gluten-free, kosher, vegan, or vegetarian. Your guests will be able to choose the ingredients that they want and skip the ones that you can’t or don’t want to have. 

#2. This is usually more affordable than the alternatives

Taco carts are more affordable than sit-down, plated catering. Any time the dinner includes various courses of salads, steaks, fish, and more, the meal can turn out to be quite expensive. The total cost of having a taco catering company at the wedding is significantly lower than the cost of a full catering company. Your guests won’t know you went with the cheaper option because it will all taste so good!

#3. There will be a lot of options

When planning the menu, you will have taco choices like Chicken, Carne Asada, Veggie, Chorizo, and Al Pastor. Of course, there are premium taco options, like shrimp tacos and soy tacos, if you really want to offer the top of the line. Once you pick from these taco options, you’ll next get to decide on side items, and other dishes to add to the menu, like nachos, bacon-wrapped hotdogs, or salads. 

#4. You can make sure your guests fill up

With many plated catering services, the food itself is pretty small. If you really love tacos and really want your guests to eat their hearts and stomachs out, know that there is an unlimited option you can upgrade to. Make your tacos all-you-can-eat!

The Taco Guy is the wedding caterer you’ve been looking for! We cater hundreds of events per year, serving only the finest authentic Mexican food. Take a look at our menu options and then reserve your wedding. You’ll be happy to mark something off your list, and your wedding guests will be thrilled the food is so good!

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