How Expensive Can Taco Catering be?

Taco party catering in Los Angeles

You have an upcoming event coming up, something like a graduation party, birthday party, corporate event, baby shower, or even a wedding. What do all of these events have in common? They’re all made better by hiring professional taco catering services!

We understand that planning any type of event like this can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. Beyond the taco catering service, you may need decorations, a DJ or band, invitations, alcohol, a location, and so much more. All of this combines to be quite costly if you’re not careful. That’s why you’d like to know what kind of price you should expect from the taco catering company. We don’t blame you!

Taco Catering in Los Angeles Prices

As you get closer to deciding on this catering option for your party, you may wonder exactly what food options your guests will have. Your menu is probably the most important part of your special day. Some companies make it difficult to truly understand what price to expect before you’re committed. We would never do this to you! We’re not here to trick you into paying too much for taco catering. For this reason, we’ve laid out our prices explicitly on our website. There is an entire page dedicated to breaking down our prices! This is just one way we show our dedication to our customers.

You won’t pay a flat fee; you’ll be paying for your catering services based on how many people will need to be fed at the party. For a smaller gathering with about 20 guests, you can expect to pay $365. On the far opposite end of the spectrum, a huge event with 200 guests will cost more like $1,300. 

It’s also important to point out that the prices mentioned above are only applicable for basic menu items, like chicken tacos. If you want upgraded meat options, like Butter Lime Jumbo Shrimp or Kosher Beef, you’re looking at a slight upcharge. These upcharges are per person, meaning $3 times 100 if you have 100 guests. All options can be found listed out here on our website. Don’t worry. We’ll work with you to make sure you understand everything before the big day!

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Because the food is such a big part of any event, this means the caterer you choose is the one of the most important party planning decisions you’ll make. You can trust The Taco Guy to make your event special!

We arrive one hour before and we set everything up for you. We also provide the chafing dishes to keep everything nice and warm. All you need to supply is space for one table that is six feet long and a two-foot space for the grill. Don’t forget to supply the hungry party guests too!

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