Taco Catering  for Graduation Party

Whether it is kindergarten, college, or anything in between- graduation is a time to celebrate! You or the student in your life have worked very hard, for years. All of the studying and classwork has finally paid off. You want to gather the entire group of family, friends, and classmates together. All these people will need something to eat, of course. Los Angeles taco catering is perfect for graduation parties!

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

#1 Everyone can eat exactly what they want.

Any type of large gathering means pleasing a lot of people. When you serve tacos, everyone from kids to vegans will be happy with their meal. This is because they can get their taco exactly how they like it. Chicken, Al Pastor, Chorizo, Veggies, or Asada will come with your package at no extra charge. You can also add on premium taco options like Butter Lime Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken Fajitas, Kosher Beef, and more. Don’t forget yummy add-ons, like guacamole, nachos, and Mexican street corn.

#2 There’s less work for you.

If you don’t hire a catering company for the event, you take on the task of planning, shopping, food prep, stocking a bar, cooking, serving, and cleanup. Not only is this a lot to do on your own, but it also adds pressure to do things exactly right on what should otherwise be a day of enjoyment and fun. When you hire taco caterers, it means you don’t have to worry about anything.

#3 A special event calls for a special meal.

This is a true accomplishment and one you want to celebrate. Graduations are a special time in someone’s life! What’s special about ordering a pizza or putting out some chips and dip? Nothing at all! Booking a taco caterer for the event tells your graduate you did something we are proud to celebrate.

#4 Tacos are handheld food.

People want to mix, mingle, and talk at this party. If you serve them something they need to sit down to eat, not only will this be difficult for them to do but you’ll need to provide enough chairs and tables to allow them to do so. With tacos, they can hold their plate and socialize, enjoying the entire event.

For those in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, the taco catering company to call is The Taco Guy! We cater hundreds of events per year just like your upcoming graduation party. We know it takes a team of dedicated people to pull off an event like this, which is exactly what we have. Our team always serves our clients with passion, and we are proud and committed to offering quality food and the best service.

You can trust that the food at your graduation party will be a big hit! To schedule your next event, please fill out our online reservation form or call us directly at (310) 654-6177.

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