Taco Cart Catering- an Art and a Science

You have a big event coming up. Maybe it’s a baby shower, corporate event, birthday party, or even a wedding. Your event is special to you, which means it is special to us as well. The goal in special event hosting is to pull off a flawless party that runs like clockwork, with no one seeing exactly how the gears make it all happen. Tacos from the best California taco catering company make that possible. You want The Taco Guy!

The key to great catering is to think of it as both an art and a science. How so? The appearance and the ambiance that taco service allows is a true art form. You want the line to move quickly and the entire event to go seamlessly. The ambiance and presentation can vary from event to event. Obviously a corporate event, a Quinceanera, and a wedding are all going to have a very different vibe.

That doesn’t mean it’s all up to chance. There’s a science behind how the entire event is coordinated as well. The “science” is the part most people don’t think about. This means the set-up logistics, the menu items offered, as well as the service logistics. One reason tacos are so great is because everyone can eat exactly what they like, nothing else. One person in line may want Butter Lime Jumbo Shrimp tacos with mild salsa and then the next person might choose Chicken tacos with cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. A great catering company knows how to pull off a versatile menu in a way that makes it look effortless. 

Traditional catering requires an on-site kitchen or moving food across town after it’s already prepared. A taco truck means the food can be handled, prepared, and served all in the venue. Your food will be fresh and tasty! Service will be fast and efficient, with your guests spending less time in line than  and more time eating and socializing.

You probably don’t consider how the whole thing gets put together so flawlessly, because you don’t have to! The technical details behind the scenes that make it all possible can be left up to us. All you’ll experience is a fun party and delicious, authentic Mexican food.

Your guests will leave your event saying “That food was amazing!” and “I wonder how they pulled that off!” Both of these are signs of not only a great event, but of a fantastic catering company as well. Your party guests will leave a memorable event thinking not about the specifics of organizing the meal, but about how much fun they had. They’ll be asking you to host another party again very soon!

Don’t delay any longer. Now is the time to reserve your taco catering for the big event. We make it simple to schedule your event, thanks to our online reservation form. If you prefer, you can also call us directly at (310) 654-6177.

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