Order our Taco Delivery Options Right Now During the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has changed a lot of how we go about our daily lives. Here in the Los Angeles, CA area, we cannot even leave our houses. That makes it tough to keep the economy afloat and even harder to support small businesses the way you should. Just how long businesses will have to scale back operations due to the Coronavirus outbreak, whether it’s weeks or months, is unclear. What is clear is that you can and should do your part to help.

It’s not impossible! Locally-owned small businesses are suffering right now from a lack of customers due to Covid-19. For those self-isolating in their homes worried that their favorite restaurant, local bookstore, bar, or coffee house will be closed for good by the time it’s safe to get back to regular life, know that there are a few things you can do. Here’s what you are able to do to help:

#1 Order food delivery.

The grocery store is one of the only places you’re actually allowed to go. That doesn’t mean your nearest store has everything you need to make a delicious dinner, though. One of the best ways to support any Los Angeles, CA area food businesses is to order food for delivery. The Taco Guy is still making authentic Mexican tacos for delivery. We’ll drop them off right at your doorstep. You’ll have a great meal you didn’t have to cook, and feel great about boosting the local economy.

#2 Buy locally whenever possible.

If you’re thinking of stocking up on household staples, from coffee to toilet paper to wine to tacos, pick up those things from local retailers before clearing out the shelves at the closet nationwide chain store. Huge corporations may have to make adjustments, but they won’t close all together. The same cannot be said for small, “mom and pop” businesses. We don’t want our post-Coronavirus world to be all huge corporations. Small businesses make our local communities vibrant!

#3 Leave good reviews.

If you are financially unable to keep ordering or shopping as usual, consider leaving great reviews online for services you’ve used. This is a great way to refer them to others without breaking any social distancing rules. This word of support will go a long way for stressed-out business owners! While cashflow is incredibly important for small businesses, it’s hard to overstate how much they rely on your moral support as well. It gives them strength to keep going when they hear their customers miss them too and are anxiously waiting until they can give them their patronage again.

Right now during the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2, The Taco Guy is offering doorstep drop off. You can have a great dinner, without worrying about getting what you need from the grocery store and potentially exposing yourself to germs from dozens of people or wasting a trip when the shelves aren’t stocked with what your recipe requires. For even more convenience, you can order Los Angeles, CA area tacos for delivery through our online form!


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