3 Tips for Mexican Food Catering for your Holiday Party

Mexican Food Catering for your Holiday Party

Do you love tacos? Of course you do! Do you know who else loves tacos? Everyone who is going to be a guest at your Los Angeles Holiday Party! You may not have considered it yet, but Mexican food catering is actually a fantastic idea for your upcoming event, whether it’s a family party, corporate event, or the big family gathering.

If you’re like most people, the joy of the Holiday Season gets overshadowed every year by a giant to-do list. Planning a Holiday Party should be fun, but it ends up being pretty stressful at the same time. There is so much to be handled. From picking a date people can actually attend in between their other parties, to putting a deposit down at the venue, to sending invitations, to planning the music, to decorating, to finding the perfect outfit for yourself- the list is endless. If you’re wondering what food to serve, this one is easy. Choose Mexican food! 

Mexican food catering is sure to make your Holiday Party a success, especially if you follow a few pieces of expert advice:

Tip #1 Get plenty of options.

Food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions are no problem when Mexican food is served. Tacos can be prepared to suit anyone and everyone. When planning the menu, be sure to include meat choices like Chicken, Carne Asada, Veggie, Chorizo, and Al Pastor. There are also premium taco options, like Shrimp Tacos. They can be gluten-free, kosher, vegan, or vegetarian. Your guests will be able to choose the ingredients that they want and skip the ones that you can’t or don’t want to have. You can even opt for other Mexican food favorites, like quesadillas and Mexican street corn. There’s sure to be something for everyone, even that picky eater you know!

Tip #2 Ask the catering company all the right questions.

The best food comes from the best catering company, so you’ll need to ask a few questions to ensure that’s who you’re hiring. Are you available on the date I need you? How long have you been in business? How many guests can you accommodate? Can you provide references and reviews from past clients? These questions are a great place to begin. 

Tip #3 Make sure your guests can fill up.

For many of your guests, a Holiday Party means being festive with quite a few drinks. Heavy drinking should be accompanied by food, in order to keep everyone on their best behavior and healthy. If you want your guests to eat their hearts and stomachs out, know that there is an unlimited option you can upgrade to. Make your tacos all-you-can-eat! This way, no one has to worry about drinking on an empty stomach. 

Don’t delay! Now is the time to book Mexican food catering for your Holiday Party. The Taco Guy is the Los Angeles caterer you’ve been looking for! We cater hundreds of events per year, serving only the finest authentic Mexican food.

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