5 Types of Meat Used by Taco Cart Caterers

We cater hundreds of events per year throughout the Pasadena area. Why are our taco cart catering services so popular? One reason is certainly our people. It takes a team of dedicated people. Our team always serves our clients with passion. That’s not all there is to love about tacos, of course. Our meats are really, really good!

For many people, a taco is only as good as the meat used inside. We agree with these people! That is why we only provide exceptional quality meat, but also a wide variety of options. In fact, we have 15 different meat options. Yes, over a dozen! A few of our most popular options include:

Carne Asada: 

This is way more than just “grilled beef!” The marinade for the carne asada has lime and cilantro, bringing tangy flavors that add to the earthiness of the meat. Steak is good, carne asada is even better!

Al Pastor:

Al pastor is a dish popular in Central Mexico. This is a taco made with spit-grilled pork. You need to taste it to fully understand how amazing it is!


Chorizo is a highly seasoned pork sausage. These sausages are very popular in Mexican cuisine, including tacos! It’s spicy and perfectly seasoned, making it an amazing authentic meal even non-Mexicans will love.


You don’t need to love authentic Mexican dishes or even spicy food to enjoy a good taco. After all, who doesn’t love chicken tacos? If you have picky eaters or kids attending your event, this is one you’ll certainly want to add to the menu.


These “little meats” differ from carne asada not just in size but in the meat source itself. Carnitas are pork shoulder, seasoned and braised, pulled, then oven-roasted. Yum!

This is only the beginning! Additional meat options include Butter Lime Jumbo Shrimp, Grilled Tilapia, Barbacoa, Chicken Fajitas, soy options, kosher options, and more.

This is a good point to stop and remind you that there is nothing wrong with a vegetarian taco. While we go above and beyond to make sure our taco meats are top-tier, we wouldn’t forget to mention we also have veggie taco options that are just as tasty. In fact, the ability to make your taco fit your diet and lifestyle preferences is exactly why taco catering is so great for large events. Everyone is happy!

Everyone loves tacos and everyone at The Taco Guy loves you! We are proud and committed to offering quality and the best service you can trust. To schedule your next Pasadena event, please fill out our reservation form. We make it simple to select everything you want, from hearty Steak Asada to authentic Al Pastor and much more.

If you prefer, you can also call us directly at (310) 654-6177 in order to ask additional questions or book your event.

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