Q: How many hours will you service?
A: Usually there are 3 hours of service; one hour is for preparation and a 2-hour window of serving (This is for packages of 30-35 persons and more+). For events with 30 persons or less, there is only one hour of preparation and there is a 1-hour window of serving.

Q: How many tacos per person?
A: We all know that our tacos are amazing, but we need to have a limit of 4-5 tacos maximum per guest. We do have an unlimited option for those who love tacos as much as us.

Q. What would happen to my leftovers?
A:  All of the leftovers are left at your location for you to keep just please have containers for any potential leftovers.

Q: How can you reserve today?
A: All you have to do to reserve today is send us an email at info@thetacoguycatering.com, we will answer, and then just send us an email that says that you confirm everything and that’s it. You confirmed your event with us.

Q: How will I recognize the Taco Guy?
A: Well our Taco Guys are really easy to know who they are. They are professionally looking taco guy which are using their gloves at all time and have their chef coats.

Q: Do you provide the plates, napkins and forks?
A: Yes, we do provide the Utensils such as the plates, napkins and forks

Q: Is everything really homemade?
A: Yes, everything from our amazing salsa to our homemade tortilla chip are all homemade just like other things in our packages

Q: Do you guys have insurance?
A: Yes, we do have insurance if anything were to happen in an event.

Q: Do you guys charge us tax?
A: Yes, we do charge the tax fee and this is because everyone in the state of California is required to pay the tax fee.

Q: Is there another fee if I pay with a credit card?
A: Yes, there is a fee of 6% if you pay with a credit card and this is because the Bank charges you this automatically. We don’t get to keep this money, it is for the bank for making this charge. We accept American Express payments but keep in mind there’s an additional cost

Q: Do all of your cooks speak English?
A: Yes, all of our chefs speak English. If you want you can request a taco guy that speaks Spanish.

Q: Do you guys cook on location?
A: Yes, we do cook on location and we also have a service of delivery in which we come to your event with the food already cooked and ready to be served and the taco guy leaves

Q: What will happen if I want the taco guy to stay more time in my event?
A: This covers the one hour for the taco guy and the fee would be $100

Q: What happens if I want another stand of tacos?
A: We recommend this for an event for 125 or more, the charge would be of $175.

Q: Do you have an assistant to help with clean up?
A: Yes, we can have one assistant to help clean up which will have an extra price of  $150

Q: What happens If I cancel my event, will I get charged?
A: It all depends on when you cancel the event. If you cancel a week before the event you will not be charged. However, if you cancel 3 to 4 days before the event you will be charged 50% of the total event value. If you try to cancel on the same day, we will have to charge you the full amount.

Q: Do you guys require a deposit?
A: Yes, we do require a 20% deposit at least 7 days before your event.




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