Corporate Tacos Catering

It would be a big mistake to neglect the choice of who is going to cater your next big corporate event. It isn’t just a nice afterthought, these lengthy events require a good meal to be offered. If no food is offered at all, it can lead to loss of interest, decreased productivity and people leaving to get their own meals. But just doing the bare minimum, for example many trays of cheese and crackers, can be more money- and time-consuming to set up than it’s worth. However, if you offer delicious catered food, your company can reap many benefits:


  • Give off a good impression of you and your company
  • Receive assistance with presenting the food
  • You won’t have to stress over the food prep
  • A variety of foods can be offered
  • Make the event spectacular


You should plan your meal in a way that every person who eats it goes “Wow!” and asks for seconds. If your company’s headquarters or the event you’re hosting is in the the Pasadena area, this can be achieved by hiring The Taco Guy Catering. With us, your corporate event won’t have bland and forgettable food- you’ll have authentic Mexican tacos that all of the attendees will ask for next time too!

Review our menu items like carne asada and chorizo (Mexican sausage) to get an idea of the premium experience we offer. There’s way more than just tacos on the menu! You can also select taquitos, bacon-wrapped hotdogs, and much more. Contact us today at (310) 654-6177 to get started planning your company’s most successful corporate event!


If you want only the best service and food available, give us a call! We want your party to be unforgettable amongst your guests. In fact, that’s our number one mission: to make you look good!