A food truck is a large vehicle that is equipped with facilities for cooking and selling food. A catering provides food and drinks at social events in a professional manner. Would you rather go get your food or have the food come to you? Everyone wants the food to make the journey, so why not choose a catering? Taco Guy Catering does exactly: bring the food to you and your social events in a way that’ll have you guests never stop talking about your party.



Taco Guy Catering is better than a taco truck for that precise reason:

we are a catering! We provide the mobility that a taco truck doesn’t. We come to you instead of you having come to us. Not only can we bring out food right to your home, we also cater for many events. We are experts on punctuality, keeping the food warm, and readiness for your guests. Taco Guy Catering can guarantee only the best service and food preparations. Our specialty is not only found in our platters of high quality meat, but also in serving large groups a hot off-the-grill meal with no waiting time at all.

The right places makes a huge difference in your enjoyment of foods and planning of your event. We promise that with your trust in us, we won’t let you down! Let us Mexinize your events!!


Choose from up to four of our five options for your taco meats.

These are included in all packages at no charge.


  • Re fried Beans $1
  • White Mexican Rice with corn $1
  • Habanero Salsa $0.50
  • Cucumber & Habanero $1.00


  •  Corn / Included
  • Flour $0.50
  • Hard Shell $0.50
  • Lettuce Wrapp $2
  • Gluten Free Corn tortilla $0.50


  • Watermelon $45
  • Watermelon Lime $45
  • Horchata $45
  • Pineapple $45
  • Jamaica $45
  • Tamarindo $45
  • Cola Cans $1.25
  • Water Bottle $1.25
  • Mexican Coca Cola $2.50


  • Cesar Salad ($3 extra per guest)
  • Apple Pecan Balsamic Salad ($3 extra per guest)
  • Mexican Salad ($3 extra per guest)
  • Bacon Wrapped Peppers ($3 extra per guest)
  • Mini Taquitos ($3 extra per guest)
  • Mini Quesadillas ($2 extra per guest)
  • Salsa Bar w totilla chips ($2 extra per guest)
  • Tortilla chips & Guacamole ($2 extra per guest)
  • Mini Ceviche Tostadas ($3 extra per guest)
  • Mini Cocktel de Camaron ($3 extra per guest)

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