3 Reasons Why Tacos are a Great Option for Quinceañera Parties

Taco party catering in Los Angeles

You have a party coming up. This isn’t just any party though; this is an incredibly important one. This is a quinceañera party! There is a lot to plan for an event as momentous as this, from the dress to the invitations. The food is going to be a really big piece of the puzzle as well. This means hiring the right quinceañera catering company and ordering the ideal menu is one of your most important party planning to-do items. 

Tacos are a Great Option for Quinceañera Parties

Here at The Taco Guy catering, we are the Los Angeles party catering experts! We can tell you many reasons why tacos are the perfect food to be served at your upcoming quinceañera party. Consider the following:

Tacos are a part of Mexican culture

A quinceañera party is all about celebrating a 15-year old girl on her special day. There’s more to it, though. Not all 15-year old girls have this type of party, only Latinas who embrace and enjoy their Mexican heritage. Why would you serve food at the party that does the opposite? The history of the taco is a fascinating one, and one steeped in rich Mexican culture. Taco catering at her birthday party is one more way to show the world how proud you are of your heritage.

There’s less work for you. 

Planning a party of this size is a monumental task. When you hire quinceañera catering, it means you have one less thing to worry about. If you don’t hire a catering company for the quinceañera party, you take on the task of planning, shopping, food prep, stocking a bar, cooking, serving, and cleanup. This is a lot to do on your own. It adds stress and anxiety on what should otherwise be a day of enjoyment and fun. 

A special event calls for a special meal. 

A latina only turns 15 once. This is something you want to celebrate. There is nothing special about ordering a pizza or putting out some chips and dip. Booking a quinceañera catering company for the event tells your daughter, granddaughter, cousin, or other loved one that she is someone you are all proud to celebrate.

Do you love tacos? Of course you do! Do you know who else loves tacos? Everyone who is going to be a guest at your quinceañera party! If you have additional questions or you are ready to book your taco catering, we make it easy to do so online via our reservation form. You can choose four of our five meat options included at no extra charge. Then, add on delicious premium choices and add-ons, like chicken fajitas and fish tacos. Your girl of honor will have the best birthday ever, and the rest of your party guests will have a fantastic time too.

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