Birthday Taco Catering in West Hollywood

Isn’t it a shame that sometimes the planning of a large birthday party becomes so stressful, you can’t actually enjoy it? It’s tempting to try to handle the meal yourself or to ask everyone to bring a dish, but both of those add their own kind of stress to the festivities. What if the food just isn’t good, will people leave early? Don’t do that to yourself! Allow yourself to focus on funner aspects of party planning, like making a music playlist.

The Taco Guy Catering can handle the meal instead. We have been providing authentic Mexican food for birthday parties in West Hollywood for many years, so we know what it takes to make your event perfect.

Don’t celebrate another year with the same old bland festivities. It’s time to spice up your birthday party! What your next party needs is delicious Mexican food, and that’s exactly what you can achieve with The Taco Guy Catering. Of course, there’s way more than just tacos on the menu, so all of your attendees will find food they can enjoy.

You can also select steak fajitas, carne asada, and much more.  We even offer salads and veggie tacos, made with mushrooms, bell peppers, corns, and zucchini, to any vegetarians or vegans in the room. Review our menu items online to get an idea of exactly what main dishes, side items, and extra you can chose between. We’ll even supply the drinks! Contact us today at (310) 654-6177 to get started planning your birthday party menu or to inquire about our open availability.



We’ll bring only the best exquisite Mexican flavors to your birthday party. We are experts on punctuality, keeping the food warm, and readiness for your guests. The Taco Guy Catering can guarantee only the best service and food preparations. Choose us for your catering, and the only thing your guests will see will be the finest and freshest ingredients available in the market. We make sure that our foods are high quality, so your guests will love every single bite! We’ll have your guests believing that they really did travel to Mexico.


Contact us at The Taco Guy Catering now to book your event date. Enhance your party with tasty tacos and a variety of delightful food options that will please all attendees.