Book a Caterer for Your Back to School Fundraiser

It is back to school season here in California. For many local schools, especially public schools, this also means the return to needing additional money beyond tax dollars. Our schools are not funded well enough through taxes to have everything the staff and students need all year long. Many need everyday essentials, like paper, as well as other enrichments, like art supplies, musical instruments, and technology, that cost money the school doesn’t have. This 2020 school year, there are additional rules and regulations in place that translate to extra expenses for the school. The campus itself needs to be sanitized on a daily and weekly basis, more than ever before. Everyone must be able to transition back to staying at home if necessary, which means costly technology needs to be in place on day one. Both of these mean extra money, money that needs to come from somewhere. This is where the importance of a fundraiser comes in. You’ll want to raise money as soon as the school year begins.

A successful fundraiser means it needs to be an event people love. There are many great ideas out there for fundraisers beyond the tired car washes and selling candy bars that people are so sick of. Consider:

  1. Yard sale
  2. Treasure hunt
  3. Bake sale
  4. Lemonade stand
  5. School sleepover
  6. School picnic
  7. Movie night
  8. Spelling bee
  9. Obstacle course
  10. Read-a-thon
  11. Parents’ night out
  12. Family fun day
  13. Battle of the bands
  14. Sports day
  15. Karaoke contest

What do all of these events have in common, beyond the fact that they’ll help you raise money? People will want to be fed! The longer people stay, the more money your school will make. They’ll only stay for more than a few minutes if you feed them. This is why you should hire The Taco Guy to cater your Los Angeles area school fundraiser.

We cater hundreds of events per year! In order to do it right, it takes a team of dedicated people. This is what we are proud to have. Our team will be serving your guests with passion. It isn’t just about the great people, though; it’s about the delicious food! One of the reasons tacos are such a wonderful idea for big crowds is that everyone can have exactly what they like. Not all guests will eat pizza. Ring sandwiches and chips get messy. When you have professional caterers serving tacos, everyone gets a meal they love including the kids in attendance. Plus, you don’t have to worry about coercing volunteers to serve food or clean up afterwards. It could not be any easier for you!

We are proud and committed to offer quality, authentic Mexican food and the best service. You can trust us to make the food one of the best parts of your school’s fundraiser! To schedule your event with us, please fill out our reservation form or call us direct at (310) 654-6177. You’ll raise a lot of money, and actually enjoy the event!

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