Summer is here, so you must stay hydrated while enjoying the sun. Aguas frescas are delicious Mexican drinks made with fruits, water, sugar, and spices; sometimes they are also made with nuts like the famous horchata or with flowers and herbs. These fruit juices are the perfect way to cool off while having fun in the sun!

What’s great about aguas frescas is that they can be served as-is or can be used as mixers for cocktails. Here, we will guide you through all you need to know about aguas frescas this summer season!

Pairing Aguas Frescas with Summer Dishes


Think about a colorful buffet of delectable summer foods combined with the most enticing Aguas Frescas. Whether you’re throwing a backyard BBQ, a beach picnic, or a lively pool party, these delectable beverages will go perfectly with your culinary masterpieces.

There’s an Aguas Frescas for every dish, from zesty hibiscus flowers and tropical pineapple to cooling cucumber and tart tamarind, making each bite a veritable celebration of flavors. If you do not feel like cooking for your event, The Taco Guy Catering is here to help! You can enjoy the delicious aguas while pairing them with traditional Mexican food.

Non-Alcoholic vs. Alcoholic Aguas Frescas


Cheers to choices! Aguas Frescas offers a versatile range of options to suit everyone’s preferences. For the young guests, the non-alcoholic versions burst with the goodness of fresh fruits and natural sweetness, providing a guilt-free and refreshing indulgence.

But for those seeking an extra kick of excitement, fear not! You can turn these colorful summer drinks into adult-friendly delights by adding a splash of your favorite spirits – tequila, rum, or vodka – for a summer cocktail like no other. Aguas frescas can make the ideal cocktail companion, as they bring a unique flavor and bright hue to the table.

Aguas Frescas and Sustainability


Embrace the eco-friendly spirit of summer with Aguas Frescas! These delightful beverages have more to offer than just their taste. Aguas Frescas proudly champions sustainability by using locally sourced, seasonal fruits and minimal packaging. Ditch those single-use plastic bottles and savor the goodness of these refreshing drinks guilt-free. 

At The Taco Guy Catering, we have a variety of freshly made beverages for you to enjoy the natural flavors of this Mexican drink.

Bringing the Hearth and Soul of Mexican Cuisine!

Aguas frescas have become a staple of Mexican cuisine for centuries, and it’s no wonder why. The perfect mix of sweet and tart, these delightful beverages are refreshing and incredibly versatile – you can use them in cocktails or pair them with food to bring out the unique flavor.

Aguas Frescas have proven to be the ultimate companions for your summer entertaining endeavors. They effortlessly elevate your dishes, cater to all taste preferences, and embrace a sustainable mindset. So, as the sun sets on another memorable summer day, remember that Aguas Frescas are more than just drinks – they’re a symbol of joy and togetherness and the perfect way to beat the summer heat with a smile!

No matter what type of event you’re throwing, aguas frescas will add a welcome taste of Mexican culture to your summer gatherings. If you don’t know where to start, The Taco Guy Catering can help! We have a selection of delicious aguas frescas perfect for any occasion and ideal to pair with a traditional Mexican menu. Get ready to enjoy the summer with some delicious Mexican flavors!